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Certificate 37/2008

Bitfox srl has all the professional qualifications required by Italian law 37/08 (ex 46/90):


  • Letter "A" that shows the ability of the implementation of electrical systems in general.
  • Letter "B", which demonstrates the capacity for the implementation of electronic transmission systems and the installation of antennas.
  • Letter "C" indicates the implementation of production systems for heating, air conditioning for cooling, but includes work for the evacuation of combustion products and condensation and ventilation of the premises.
  • Letter "D" indicates the realization of achieving water resources and sanitation systems of any kind or nature.
  • Letter "E" indicates the implementation and use of gas distribution systems, including combustion products evacuation jobs and ventilation of the premises.
  • Letter "F" that shows the ability of implementation of systems for the establishment of persons or goods by elevator, escalator or similar and
  • Letter "G", which demonstrates the implementation of fire fighting systems.
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